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Direct EU fundraising

Strategic advice

When applying for EU direct funding, the first step is to assess the short, medium and long-term opportunities for those interested. The MFOI provides strategic advice to help clients identify which funds may be relevant to them in the light of their scope of activities, capacities, interests and development ideas. At the same time, a medium-term strategy is developed in consultation with clients to identify which funds to apply for which calls for proposals are already known or are expected to be published. This strategy will also set out how direct EU funding can be integrated into the partner’s medium and long-term development plan, potentially replacing the 100% own funding of certain projects.

Stratégiai tanácsadás
Pályázatépítés és projekt-menedzsment

Tender development and project management

Once the client portfolio and capacities have been identified, the MFOI will assess the calls currently open and those to be published in the future and provide support in selecting the right call. MFOI will then help to identify the appropriate content for the call for proposals and to develop a detailed project concept. It also provides support in the preparation of other tender documentation. At the end of this process, the tender idea is translated into a concrete overall concept, including the developed idea, the project phases and elements, the division of tasks between the consortium partners, the budget and the budget sub-allocation to the partners.

Consortium building

Many of the opportunities for direct EU funding require a consortium of partners from several countries. The European Commission places great emphasis on the composition of the consortium and the complementarity of partners when evaluating the proposals submitted. In this light, the MFOI, drawing on its wide international network, will support the building of a geographically balanced consortium of quality partners.


Tender writing

For direct EU funding, the quality of the tender writing is also a key focus. The MFOI works with selected international and Hungarian tender writer firms to ensure high quality proposals and to help identify the best match for the client’s portfolio and project. If required, MFOI will guide you through the tender writing process and support you in the submission of your tender once it has been completed.

Policy preparation

The MFOI continuously monitors the link between the policy requirements of EU funds providing direct funding and economic indicators that facilitate other resource mobilisation and self-financing. An integral part of its proposal management activities is the policy preparation service, which offers a comprehensive strategic approach to the proposal process, with the aim of achieving the highest possible level of policy alignment, increasing the chances of a positive evaluation. This service provides in-depth knowledge of the policy background and objectives behind development funds, which determine the use of EU funds. The service includes providing information on the risks arising from changes in the policy environment and how to manage them, as well as making the legal and regulatory context transparent.

The MFOI’s policy preparation is therefore an accompanying service, from the policy design of projects to the submission of tenders and monitoring. It does not only focus on the technical aspects of the application process, but is also part of a longer-term, well thought-out advocacy plan that focuses on reducing regional disparities and strengthening cohesion, while at the same time enhancing the chances of projects to successfully attract EU funding.

Szakpolitikai felkészítés

Complementary activities

Szakpolitikai- és Projektmenedzsment Képzés

Policy and Project Management Training

The aim of this training service is to make the complex system of EU direct funding transparent and to provide an understanding of the EU policies to which calls for direct funding relate. The practice-oriented training will not only provide participants with general policy and EU institutional knowledge, but will also include a project management simulation led by practitioners. The project management exercise will focus on developing communication and cooperation skills, advocacy skills, networking, from turning an idea into a project to finding the right funding and policy. The training is delivered by MFOI to university, local government, social and business actors in both English and Hungarian, tailored to the specific needs of each sector.

Training in tender writing

The MFOI aims to develop and disseminate a training programme for tender writers, taking into account the specificities of EU direct funds, in order to enable participants to prepare high quality, competitive tenders that increase the chances of the Hungarian economy to successfully participate in the EU funds.

The training covers both the theoretical foundations and the practical skills needed to write a tender, from interpreting calls for proposals, to project design and structure, to understanding budgeting and financial regulations, to drafting feasibility studies and impact assessments, the training takes participants step by step through the tender writing process, including the development of persuasive and clear drafting skills. With an understanding of the tender criteria and target systems, the training will also provide guidance on reporting and accounting activities following project implementation.

Pályázatírói képzés
Uniós intézményi lobbitevékenység

Lobbying the EU institutions

The MFOI’s Brussels office and international team represents clients’ interests at EU institutions and relevant events, helps to build new international relationships and keeps them informed about current policy and funding trends.