Data of public interest

In accordance with the provisions of Act CXXII of 2009 on the more economical operation of publicly owned companies and Act CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information, the Company publishes the data related to its operations, subject to the provisions of IHM Decree No.18/2005 (XII.27.) on the publication models for the publication of data in publication lists, as follows.

1. Organisations, staff data

1.1 Contact, organisation, leaders

I. Contact details:

The name of the Company:

Hungarian Development Promotion Office Nonprofit Limited Liability Company

Abbreviated name of the Company:

Hungarian Development Promotion Office Nonprofit Ltd.

Registered Office:

H-1074 Budapest, 12-14 Dohány Street


Tax number:


Company registry number:


NACE code:

7022′ 08

Electronic mail address:


Articles of Association:

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Holder of the Company’s ownership rights: The owner of the Company is the Hungarian State. The ownership (founder) rights are exercised by the Ministry of Public Administration and Regional Development pursuant to subclause 1 clause XIII Annex 1 of GFM (Ministry of Economic Development) Decree No. 1/2022 (26 May).

II. The organisational structure

The organisational structure of the Company, the individual departments and their responsibilities are set out in the Company’s Rules of Organisation and Operation.

III. Heads of the organisation

Chief Executive Officer of the Company: Dr. Bernadett Petri, Managing Director

Executive officers, members of the supervisory board, employees in managerial positions pursuant to Section 208 of Act I of 2012 on the Labour Code, and employees who are entitled to register a company or have control over a bank account.

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Download in PDF format – 09.02.2021

Employees who are jointly entitled to register a company or to dispose of a bank account with others, as well as other employees of decisive importance for the operation of the employer [subsection (2) section 2 of Act CXXII of 2009].

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1.2. Budgetary bodies supervised

I. Other body with a public-service mission under the direction, supervision or control of the body or subordinate to it:


1.3. Business organisations

I. Entities owned by or with the participation of the body


1.4. Public foundations

I. Public foundations set up by the body


1.5. Journals

I. Journals established by a body with public-service mission


1.6. Superior, supervisory, regulatory or oversight body

The ownership (founding) rights in relation to the company are exercised by the Ministry of Public Administration and Regional Development pursuant to line 1 clause XIII  Annex 1 of GFM Decree No. 1/2022 (26 May) on the designation of persons exercising all the ownership rights and obligations of the State over certain state-owned companies.

1.7. Budgetary bodies:

A budgetary body set up by a body with a public-service mission: None

2. Activity, operational data

I. The basic activities, tasks and powers of the body

The mission of the Company is to support Hungarian companies and companies in Hungary in obtaining EU funds under direct management.

Legislation applicable to the Company’s activities:

  • Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code
  • Act V of 2006 on Public Company Information, Company Registration and Winding-up Proceedings
  • Act CXXII of 2009 on the More Economical Operation of Publicly Owned Companies

II. Data relating to the procedures for the handling of official business

Not relevant

III. Public services provided by the body with public-service mission or financed from its budget

Not relevant

IV. Records of the body

Not relevant

V. Public publications

Not relevant

VI. Decision-making, meetings

Not relevant

VII. Decisions of the body, concepts, drafts, proposals

Not relevant

VIII. Tenders

Not relevant

IX. Notices


X. Requests for data of public interest:

The Company shall respond to requests for public interest data within 15 days of receipt of the request through its competent department.

Claims can be submitted to the Company’s Managing Director (H-1074 Budapest, 12-14 Dohány Street,

 Rules on data management and publication and procedures for requesting data of public interest:

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Compulsory statistical returns on data of public interest relating to a given body:

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XI. Publication lists

3. Management data

3.1. Legality of operations, audits

I. Inspections, audits

Not relevant

II. Audits by the State Audit Office

Not relevant

III. Other audits and inspections

Not relevant

IV. Operational effectiveness, performance

Not relevant

V. Operational statistics

Not relevant

3.2. Budgets, reports

I. Accounts

Download accounts for 2022 in PDF format

II. Annual budgets

Download business plan for 2022 in PDF format
Download business plan for 2023 in PDF format

III. Implementation of the budget

Not relevant

3.3. Budgets, reports:

I. Employees

Aggregated data on the number of employees and their benefits, and aggregated data on the salaries, wages and regular allowances and reimbursements of managers and senior executives, and the type and amount of benefits granted to other employees.

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II. Subsidies:

Not relevant

III. Contracts: [subsection (3) section 2 of Act CXXII of 2009]

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Contracts with a value of HUF 5 million or more:

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IV. Concessions

Not relevant

V. Other payments

Not relevant

VI. Developments supported by the European Union

Not relevant

VII. Public procurement information

Download Public Procurement Plan for 2022 in PDF format
Download Public Procurement plan for 2023 in PDF format